Where are the concert coins in fortnite?

Where to find the Concert Coins in Fortnite?

Although originally Fortnite was meant to be a simple co-op shooting game where players face off against zombie-like enemies together – it has come a long way since. As of today, the game has become so popular that it’s almost used like the real world for advertisements and is primarily a battle-royale experience.
There have been screenings of Christopher Nolan movies in-game, and lots of successful artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande have held concerts within the game which saw great hype and success.

fortnite concert coins

Recently, the Soundwave Series returned to Fortnite and this was immediately followed up with a concert that every Fortnite player was invited to. This concert belonged to the Australian singer and songwriter Tones and I, and it included several of her hit songs with music videos that had a touch of Fortnite to them.
Attending a fun concert with artistic visuals is a rewarding experience already, but Epic Games topped that off with the introduction of ‘Concert Coins’ which give you 55,000 XP as a part of a challenge where you have to collect two of them. And additionally, there’s a cosmetic Spray that you can unlock for use too if you sit through the whole thing.
So, if you saw the challenge and you have no idea where to find them or how to collect them twice, you’re in the right place. Here’s entire guide of what you have to do in order to find Concert Coins in Fortnite!

Tones and I Fortnite

Starting from January 21st and 6PM ET, the concert featuring Tones and I was selectable in Fortnite in the game mode section. Once you enter, the game takes you to the stage and a countdown timer plays once enough players are in the space. As soon as the songs begin, your goal is to listen to all of them.

The concert is a bit interactive, so the players are thrown into different types of rooms with dynamically changing environments. Sometimes the player gets a paint-gun, and there are always Music Notes to collect which give a little bit of XP to the player. It’s not enough for anything, but it’s a nice way to feel productive.

As the songs continue on, you eventually end up in the finale where the singer thanks the players for participating and listening to her songs. There is a large keyhole in front of you once everything is said and done, and if you walk into it – it acts as a portal. Eventually, everyone returns back to the stage that you see in the very beginning of the concert and from there you can see the Concert Coin in front of you.

55,000xp for concert coins

Simply walk up to the Concert Coin and collect it, which eventually concludes your visit to the concert and gives you XP and the exclusive Spray. Of course, this only counts as one Concert Coin and that means your challenge is only completed halfway – with the other half still remaining.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get the Concert Coin a second time. All that you need to do is to rejoin the concert right away and wait for it to end, and then walk up to the coin and grab it once more. It’s that easy and does not require any new steps to be followed the second time around.

And since it’s up to you whether you want to join with friends or by yourself, there’s no issues in having to spend time in there again.

fortnite concerts

Naturally, you might not want to rejoin the concert a second time if the music isn’t your type, but it’s more than worth the instant 55,000 XP that you receive for completing the challenge. And with such a great Battle Pass that features none other than Spider-Man as the top prize, it’s very important to get the XP before the season runs out in March.

If you failed to join the concert when it was on-going, both the challenge and the concert itself are no longer available and you have to sadly say goodbye to all of that easy XP. However, the Soundwave Series is not a one-time thing and will surely return to Fortnite again at a later point.

So, don’t feel bad and just wait for the next concert to happen. And not every concert needs to have a massively famous singer, so it might happen with someone else in a smaller-scale event sooner than you think. And with that, our guide for the Fortnite Concert Coin ends – we hope that you got what you were looking for!

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