Tilted Towers 2022

The Return of Tilted Towers – 2022

One of the most iconic locations on the Fortnite map has always been the Tilted Towers. Ever since its debut in the original map four years ago, it has been a particularly overcrowded spot in which dozens of players always land and try to get as many eliminations as possible.
Since many players like to focus specifically on getting kills or trolling others, there have been times when Tilted Towers was the only place where a majority of the players landed at all and that’s one of the reasons behind it being removed over time.

Return of tilted towers

Eventually, with the new Chapter 3 map of Fortnite, this infamous spot was encased in ice. And the ice started to melt away with the end of Christmas, slowly making it clear that sooner or later – the area will finally be open to the players. And now, Tilted Towers is finally back in the game and has become the talk of the town.

As you’d expect, the reaction of players has been divided over the return of Tilted Towers. Some players believe that the location should have remained missing because it brings out the aggressively competitive side in other players. While others are happy to see it return and think that those who like to play safe can just land somewhere else.

the return of tilted towers 2022

It’s unknown at the time if there is a specific reason behind Tilted Towers returning in Fortnite, especially since Epic Games made it such a big deal and teased players with the slow defrosting of the location for weeks. Some fans speculate that the area has been reinstated due to the ongoing Hype and Cash Cups in the game.

If you’re unaware of these Cups, they are essentially tournaments in which players can participate for both fun and real-world money. Most of them are only open for players who qualify for the Champion Leagues, and there are many prizes to be earned down the line for those who can put in the effort.

Whenever Hype and Cash Cups have happened in Fortnite with Tilted Towers present as a location, it always becomes a hotspot for players to drop into. The reason behind that is that it’s easy to farm points there due to how easy it is to get eliminations there if you have a bit of knowledge regarding the weapons placement.

Tilted towers 2022

One interesting thing to note here is that Tilted Towers has never been the same location. Although it was only available from October 2017 to October 2019, it was constantly redesigned a bunch of times and changes were made to it every now and then as part of events too. So, naturally, it’s not an exact replica of the original Tilted Towers in Chapter 3 either and there are a few changes present that players have noticed.

When all of these things are discussed, it does make one wonder why Tilted Towers was not present in Fortnite Chapter 2 at all even though it’s one of the game’s most known locations and was rampantly requested on platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and even TikTok. But what does make sense without a single doubt is the fated return in 2022.

Flying to tilted towers 2022

Tilted Towers is not the only thing that was added to the game with the recent update. There is a giant dinosaur-like creature called Klombos in the game that confused players the first time that they spotted it. These creatures have a few designated spots to walk around on the map and these spots are randomized each time.

What the Klombos do aside from traveling is to casually destroy everything in their path and they also consume certain objects in the game’s map, which they then spit out as items for the player to pick up. The items are usually not very good, but sometimes you might find exactly what you were looking for if you tail the creature for long enough.

That’s not all though! You can find Klomberries in the game, which is a new healing item, and you can feed them to the Klombos creatures. This makes them happy and they proceed to give the player items as a result by spitting them out.

And last but not least, Klombos can be angered if players try to attack them and they start to aggressively chase the threat down until their anger washes away, irrespective of whether the player is dead or not. Funnily enough, this can be exploited as players have managed to anger Klombos from a distance and that lead to the creature attacking nearby players for no good reason in its mindless rage.

All of these additions to Fortnite through the newest update have been very interesting and game-changing, and we’re all excited to see how it pans out in the course of the next few weeks. Is Tilted Towers here to stay this time or will it be destroyed in yet another event by Epic Games? It’s hard to say for sure, but it will be fun to witness when the time comes.

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