Fortnite Challenge Generator

Fortnite Fun Challenge Generator

This page is under development, as are the challenge decks (Limited locations and challenges at the moment for testing purposes). The will be hugely improved and added to in the coming days & weeks. I will also be creating duo & squad specific challenge decks.

Where we dropping boys?

First of all select your location card, this will select at random where you should drop in the fortnite map.


You must now land at this location, below are the supporting challenges! There is a wide variety to don’t forget to re-shuffle and pick again for your next game.

The Fortnite Challenges!

If you click on the card a second time, it will give the full rules of the challenge although most are self-explanatory. We now have two challenges appearing, if the challenges are in the same area (just X mats, or just X Guns – then you can stack them!)

No reloading of any guns, use the clip and dump the gun!

Only hand guns can be used.

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If you have any suggestions, or would like any specific challenges add please tweet me @