Storm the agency challenges

Storm the agency challenges

Fortnite is always bringing in some really cool challenges and the new Storm the Agency set of challenges is just as interesting. There are some pretty interesting things you can get if you complete the challenges, and the experience itself is pretty fun. With that in mind, you need to pay attention how you complete these challenges, thankfully it’s not as complicated as you might imagine.

Land at the agency

This is pretty much as straightforward as it gets. The idea here is that you want to land at the agency and then you will get 40000 XP right away just for that. The problem here is that the agency is usually full of enemies, so you have to keep your eyes peeled for any possible attacks and challenges that can arise.

Survive the storm circles

These are interesting because you will need to survive not one, but 10 of them. A good idea is to avoid Team Rumble, because you will have more storm circles in Squads, Duos or even Solo when compared to other games. That’s why you need to assess the situation and see which one is the better option for you!

Open the faction locked chest

You need to do that at different spy bases. The idea here is to go to the ID locked chests at The Rig, The Shark, The Agency and Henchman Safe Houses. You need to open all the 5 chests in order to complete this particular challenge. The idea here is that you need to either disguise as a henchman or to knock one of them down in order to win.

Swim over the Agency hatches

There’s a very specific structure found underwater around halfway from the shore. The idea here is that you need to find all 5 of them and swim over them. You can browse the map, find where they all are and then you can land every time you play. It certainly makes a lot of sense to check it out and you will like it a lot.

Kill a henchman at different safe houses

You have 5 safe houses at different places on the fortnite map. They are pretty staggered to be honest, so it can be a bit hard to kill all the henchmen there. You have to do it in a single game, so that adds to the pressure. You need to take just 3 henchmen, but it’s still pretty hard to do.

Overall, these Storm the Agency challenges are pretty intense and they can be tricky to complete. But there are some great rewards. You have the New Renegade Shadow Outfit and the Back Bling too. There’s also the free giftable loading screen in the shop. If you like Fornite and you crave for some new stuff to do, then Storm the Agency is definitely one of the coolest things to check out. The missions are very fun, and the cosmetic rewards are pretty impressive too. All in all, it’s a cool event to complete.

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