Fortnite – Secret challenges – Gnomes & Bears

Fortnite – Secret challenges – Gnomes & Bears

Despite the fact that Season 3 is coming very soon, there are still plenty of missions to complete and the Gnomes & Bears mission sounds like the most interesting one for sure. With this mission you get to celebrate a truce between the gnomes and bears.

The final part

This is the final missions from an ongoing Gnomes & Bears story. You can’t get the XP for those other parts, but you can play this mission even if you didn’t really play the others. The challenge this time around is to go get into the game, reach the Weeping Woods edge and then you will find the Gnomes and Bears. They are all together there and you just have to join then.
The interesting thing is that unlike the other missions, you don’t have to do anything other than join them in a dance, and you will get 15000 XP free of charge. This is quite interesting because the battle was violent between the two factions. Yet now they are dancing and celebrating together, which is pretty fun and spectacular in its own right.

Why is this the resolution for Gnomes & Bears?

It was a fierce battle throughout the past weeks, and each faction did their best to try and win. It’s exciting to see that we now have a truce, and it’s one of those things that people will like because it’s very well adapted and it certainly seems to be a very cool gameplay idea. Adding in an AI battle aside from our regular Fortnite battles is pretty fun. It certainly delivers some cool moments, and if you are a fan of the game you will find yourself enjoying this more than ever before. It’s pretty exciting to say the least, so if you are a fan of Fortnite you will like this.
The fact that you get XP for free just for attending their party is pretty good too. This is one of the easiest ways to get XP in Fortnite, and it makes sense to just go in there, jump in and have some fun. It’s a cool concept and we found it to be pretty intense and immersive.

How much time will the Gnomes & Bears resolution be active?

The new season was postponed until the second week of June, so we believe the Gnomes & Bears resolution will be active until that point. It’s nice to see that they managed to bring in a very interesting side quest per say which a lot of people enjoyed. The AI factions were very cute, but also quite deadly and the challenges ended up being very good too.
We are very excited to see what Season 3 is bringing to the table for this game. We expect great things, and hopefully the game does not disappoint. It’s a very immersive and fun game with lots of stuff to do, and maybe we will get even more crazy challenges like the Gnomes & Bears!

Already completed all of these challenges? Don’t worry, we’ve got a special one for you below!

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