Season 6 – Week 1 Challenges

Fortnite Season 6 – Week 1 Challenges

Cheat Sheet

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Season 6 is here at last, with plenty of changes and fantastic battle pass rewards to be earned. Use the cheat sheet below to get the season of to a quick start and earn those emotes, dances & back blings in no time!




Additional Tips:

Eliminate Opponents (Different name locations) – Nice & easy, just play the game and you will complete in no time!

Dance under streetlight spotlights – check the icons on the map for the easy to find locations of all spotlights.

Collect Treasure – Navigate to square J8!

Apply shields – Super Easy… even I can do this one.

Land at…  – In order Junk, Tomato, Tiled, Fatal, Flush – all done.

Pick up a legendary item (different games) – Go hunting for those legendary items, even the rubbish ones!

Cozy Campfire, regain health  – If you are struggling on this one then simply inflict some falling damage and heal up once you loot one!

Search Chests, search supply drops & supply llamas – Again just play the game and this will happen naturally.

Not sure which one to do first? Spin the WheelOfFortnite !

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