Fortnite Boogie Down Dance Emote – 2FA

How do you unlock the FREE boogie down emote using two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

It really is super simple, all fortnite players can grab this brand new dance emote for FREE with the click of a few buttons, follow our easy instructions below and enjoy this fantastic emote!

Simple Instructions on how to get Boogie Down Emote FREE

  1. Simply head over to epicgames and log in –¬†¬†
  2. Navigate to the ‘Password & Security’ Section
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and enable two-factor authentication. This will offer you a couple of different ways, the email is the quickest and easiest so we suggest using that!
  4. Log in to Fortnite on your console/PC and enjoy your new emote!!!

Enjoy your new emote, and don’t forget to SPIN THE WHEEL OF FORTNITE!

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