Season 4 – Week 4 Cheat Sheet

Season 4 – Week 4 Battle Pass
Challenges Cheat Sheet

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Week 4 is upon us! Take a look at the cheat sheet below and complete all of the week 4 challenges in no time at all!



Additional Tips:
Search 7 ammo boxes  – Should be fairly straight forwards no matter where you chose to land, personally I found tomato town a nice and easy way of completing this. Starting at the red brick building where you can find upto FOUR instantly, 1 bottom floor under stairs, 2 mid level and 1 roof. Head into Tomato Town then the bridge for another easy 3-4 boxes.

Assault Rifle Damage – Uhm yeah, just play the game!

Trap eliminations – With the recent nerf on trap damage this got a lot harder. If you have two traps try and hit a wall and ceiling so you hit for 150. If all else fails, jump in duo’s or squad’s and box in a downed opponent then finish them with a trap. Fortnite Thumbsup

Eliminate Opponents (Snobby Shores) – Fairly secluded so don’t bother heading that way unless bus is close,  approach via sea so you get down quicker. Start at one of the end houses, you don’t want to get sandwiched between multiple opponents.

Open Chests – Check out our CHEST HUNTING IN Wailing Woods page.

Collect Treasure – Navigate to square I9! – Don’t forget to check out the BLOCKBUSTER week 4 location page when you’ve completed all the challenges.

Happy hunting and building, and as always if you’re not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!

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