Season 4 – Week 3 Cheat Sheet

Season 4 – Week 3 Battle Pass
Challenges Cheat Sheet

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Week 3 has arrived, Check out the cheat sheet below to storm through those battle pass challenges and get most importantly of all, collect those yellow duckies!!!!



Additional Tips:
Pistol Damage / Sniper Eliminations  – As with most of these challenges, if you use these guns in you’re normal load outs it should be a piece of cake, if not then jump in duo’s and squad’s and use the down em and switch guns up route! Fortnite Thumbsup

Watch a match replay – UPDATE – This challenge got removed as it was not working correctly.

Revive Players – Easy enough in duo’s or squad’s, if you’re really struggling with it then get in with a friend, fall from height and pick each other up early on, later in game use the storm if needed. No friends to play with? you probably spend to much time on Fortnite, go outside some more!

Search Rubber Duckies  Start south side of the map, then make your way East. Plenty of duckies to find, listen out for the QUACK QUACK and you will find them in no time.

Eliminate Opponents (Tilted Towers) – No idea how to do this one, nobody ever goes to Tilted Towers….

Open Chests – Check out our CHEST HUNTING IN Lonely Lodge page.

Collect Treasure – Navigate to square J2! – Don’t forget to check out the BLOCKBUSTER week 3 location page when you’ve completed all the challenges.

Happy hunting and building, and as always if you’re not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!

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