Fortnite Pandora Challenges

Pandora Challenges Cheat Sheet

Fortnite X Mayhem


Hey vault hunters, time to collect that Pandora loot!

Check out the cheat-sheet above and listed actions below and you’ll be hero of Pandora in no time at all.

  • Find Clap-Traps Eye and return it to him

    • You can die with the eye, next time to just to the final location and hey presto, the challenge is complete.
  • Eliminate 3 opponents in Pandora

    • Pretty self explanatory, if you are struggling try the team game modes, always easier.
  • Collect cash from chests in Pandora

    • No explanation needed here, loot away!
  • Search chests

    • As above!!
  • Gain shields

    • Powering up! I have feeling this is a easy one 🙂
  • Search different vault symbols

    • Symbol 1 – Look on the back of the welcome to Pandora sign
    • Symbol 2 – Head south from the welcome sign and keep an eye out for a yellow metal sheet
    • Symbol 3 – Now head East and again keep an eye our for the logo, shouldn’t be hard to spot. 

Happy hunting & be sure to drop us a follow on twitter!

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