Week 5 Challenges Cheat Sheet

Week 5 Challenges Cheat Sheet

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Need help completing the week 5 challenges? Take a look below at the fantastic all inclusive cheat sheet.

Week 5 Challenges All inclusive cheat sheet


Additional Tips:
Pickaxe Damage – Don’t bother trying to get in axe fights early game, jump in some duo’s or squads with friends, if you’re forever alone Fortnite forever alone then just jump in with randoms. Wait until you or someone else downs a player and use your pickaxe to finish then off, two players finished by pickaxe = job done!

Pistol Eliminations –  The pistols early game aren’t bad, and the hand cannons are decent throughout, however if you are struggling with this challenge simply adopt the same approach as pickaxes. This is a ‘Elimination Challenge’ so you can down with your trusty AR or Shotty and switch to handgun to finish the job Fortnite Thumbsup

Gas Stations – Land at either Pleasant Park and make your way to Greasy Grove, or vice versa. Pretty simple and the challenge will be done in no time.

Not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!