Season 5 – Week 7 Challenges

Season 5 – Week 7 Challenges

Fortnite Cheat Sheet

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Time to finish of those road trip challenges and unlock the new skin! Check out the all inclusive week 6 cheat sheet below with hints and tips on how to complete those all important challenges



Additional Tips:

Search Chest In Following Order – This DOES NOT have to be completed in one game, just take your time and complete with ease.

Visit different names locations in same match – Fairly easy, should happen without trying after a few matches!

Eliminate Opponents (Lazy Links) – Popular location and fairly central, nice and easy.

Collect Treasure – Navigate to square 4F!

SMG eliminations – Not quite as effective as a few weeks back, however still great for close range.

Search supply drops – Should complete this easy enough just by playing a few games!

Remote Explosive (damage to structures) – Wait until you see enemy bases and blow those bad-boys up (or any port-a-fort you see!)

Happy hunting and building, and as always if you’re not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!

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