Season 4 – Week 1 Cheat Sheet

Season 4 – Week 1 Battle Pass
Challenges Cheat Sheet

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So the comet finally hit and tilted is still standing… well most of it is! Looking to fly up the battle pass and unlock all that super content?  Look no further than below for the usual all inclusive cheat sheet.


Additional Tips:
Sniper rifle damage/Pistol damage  – Can be a tricky one if you’re not a fan of the snipers/pistols, jump in to duo’s or squads and finish opponents of with the snipers from up close once they are downed. Fortnite Thumbsup

All of the others – Pretty self explanatory, follow the map and pick up the gear, or loot/kill at required locations!

Happy hunting and building, and as always if you’re not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!

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