Fortnite Season 4 – Nexus War

Season 4 – Nexus War

Fortnite’s new update seems spectacular and it’s unlike anything out there for a lot of people. Why is that so important to know? Right from the start, you will notice that the new season adds in a whole lot of new content, all of it related to Marvel superheroes. Instead of us having some temporary tie-ins with Marvel movies, this time around we have a complete storyline created for the season.

There was a comic book which appeared at the end of the season 3, Thor was on the island and he said that Galactus is coming. A lot of heroes from the Marvel world came here to help Thor and eliminate the planet eater the best way that they can.

We get to play as numerous heroes. Aside from that, we can also use a variety of weapons and powers that they have. The game has also added the Helicarrier from SHIELD, the Sentinel Graveyard and Dr Doom’s domain. That being said, you will need to get the battlepass in order to access the numerous outfits presented in the game. Right now you will just be able to play the game on Windows or on Android, but side-loaded and not from the Google Play Store.

Why is that? Right now Epic Games, the Fortnite creator is dealing with a legal battle, and both Apple and Google won’t agree to the game being on their store. That means you have a limited number of platforms to play on.

As always, the game has a variety of challenges that you need to complete if you want to get higher and higher levels in the battlepass. There are a lot of interesting emotes and skins, most of which are Marvel-related. It’s an interesting prospect, and the fact that they are adding a vast range of unique Marvel ideas is what really makes the game so unique and different in the first place.

An interesting concept this season is the fact that you have loot coming from the above. Iron Man has supply drones that come near the quinjet landing sites and these have a lot of loot. You can access hero abilities and some very interesting weapons, which is what makes the game so impressive and immersive in the first place. There’s a lot of excitement and fun to be had here, and the overall experience is unlike anything that you can find out there.

Overall, Fortnite Season 4 – Nexus War seems to be a whole lot of fun, it’s certainly immersive and full of some really interesting features. The fact that they went with a Marvel theme is great, it shows that the developers are listening to the fans and they are indeed bringing more and more content which is always nice. This is the first third party themed season, and it just doesn’t get any better. That’s why you do want to check out Fortnite Season 4 – Nexus War right now, as it’s an incredible push in a new direction.

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