Fortnite Season 4 Challenges

Fortnite – Season 4 challenges

Ah, superheroes! Where would we be without them? Since the dawn of time, superhero stories have amused minds both young and old and continue to do so, evident from the many available movies and games. Given the popularity of the genre, industries around the globe take to creating superhero-themed merchandise to attract the attention of the familiar crowd and die-hard fans, and Fortnite is no exception.

The famous cartoon style battle royale game which once took the internet by storm is notoriously known for implementing trending themes into the gameplay in order to entertain gamers. It’s no surprise that it chose a superhero theme for Season 4, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of Marvel’s Avengers.

The superhero-themed Season has been on for a while and finally introduces some new challenges going into Week 4, which are not only exciting but promises hordes of XP to bring you one step closer to the big prize. So without further ado, let’s see what challenges await you in the fourth week of Season 4.

1.  Chest Search at Doom’s Domain (0/7)- 25,000 XP

Finding the chest is one of the most straightforward missions. All you have to do is to stroll through the Slurpy Swamp region and collect chests. Be wary of other players as they will also be searching for chests.

2.  Eliminate Players at Dirty Docks (0/3)- 25,000 XP

Pack your guns and ready your building gear and Rambo bandana. This challenge is also relatively easy as all you have to do is eliminate other players. You also should have an easier time achieving this one as no guns are specified in the challenge.

3.  Drive a Car from Slurpy Swamp to Catty Corner in 4 minutes or less (0/1)- 25,000 XP

Up for a drive? You should be because there is a 25,000 XP reward waiting for you at the finish line. Although it’s not a straight path, you’ll require a steady hand if you want to make it in time. Keep an eye out for the tricky curve towards the finish line though.

4.  Collect Floating Rings at Coral Castle (0/4)- 25,000 XP

You must’ve played floating ring challenges before in the Weeping Woods, and they can be a bit tricky if you don’t know the exact locations. This time around the rings appears in the coral castle. You’ll find the first three in the northern section of the castle quite close to each other. The last one you’ll find on top in the southernmost building in the region.

5.  In-Vehicle, jump though the flaming ring at Salty Springs (0/1)- 25,000 XP

Pretty self-explanatory, take a car and jump through a flaming circle.

6.  Make one of Stark’s Robot Dance (0/1)- 25,000 XP

Hacking into Stark’s robot can be a bit tricky. Visit the Stark Industries location and knock down one of the robots. Now proceed to hack them and watch them dance as you bath in the glory of your well-earned XP.

7.  Destroy Gorgers (0/1)- 50,000 XP

These are drones that have been added to Fortnite. Destroy one of them, and you’ll have yourself an XP buffet.

8.  Deal Damage to Opponents in Authority (0/500)- 25,000 XP

Pretty straightforward, but will take a bit of time to complete the whole thing.

Epic Games like to keep Fortnite fresh and entertaining, and they have done an excellent job so far with these exciting challenges. This week’s challenges aren’t too hard to try and have a good time while grinding away at that battle pass.

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