Fortnite Founder Skins

Fortnite Founder Skins Update

New founder skins released in v5.1

Warpaint (Legendary.. Punisher anyone?)


Rose Team Leader (Legendary)


How can you get these founder skins?

In order to receive the above two skins you must be a Fortnite ‘founder’ this means you must have purchased the founders edition of Fortnite.

The Fortnite standard founders pack is currently 50% discount in the PSN store, so if you want these skins then now is the time to buy!

It is essentially less money than an individual legendary skin would cost and you should make back the v-bucks in no time playing the co-op game mode.

When are they released?

The free skins will be added along with the update on the 24th July, so not long left to get them bagged in time!


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Pistols Only!
SMGs Only!
Sniper Only!
Assault Rifle Only!
Shotguns Only!
Explosives Only!
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Enjoy and Have Fun