Season 4 – Week 10 Challenges

Season 4 – Week 10 Challenges

Fortnite Cheat Sheet

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The wormhole has opened and the end is near! Not long left to get up to level 80 and unlock those all important omega colours!!

Get grinding the last challenges now buy using the all inclusive week 10 Fortnite battle pass challenges cheat sheet.

Season 4 week 10 challenges fortnite

Season 4 week 10 challenges fortnite

Additional Tips:
Skydive through floating rings  – Super easy, just play the game!

Structure Damage – Super easy, keep hold of those C4 & Grenades, if you are really in a rush don’t worry about opponents being around, just blow up any old base you see, especially those Port-A-Forts.

Eliminate Opponents – Just play the game!!

Eliminate Opponents (Fatal Fields) – Another good spot, lots of open space for gun fights and build battles early game.

Open Chests – Check out our CHEST HUNTING IN Junk Junction chest hunting page (Coming soon)

Collect Treasure – Navigate to square C1! – Don’t forget to check out the BLOCKBUSTER cheat sheet, that shows all locations!

Happy hunting and building, and as always if you’re not sure which one to do first? Let the Wheel Decide where to land and take it from there!

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