Tips and Tricks – Gameplay

Where We Gunna Drop?

The first decision of any game is an important one, when you are learning the game it’s a important to use different drop areas to improve different aspects of gameplay!

While you are getting used to the mechanics and general controls of the game, i’d suggest avoiding the main areas – take a look at the WoF MAP HERE 


Once you have a good feel of the game, don’t worry about dying early for a while and start dropping in those high population areas like Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park or wherever the latest weekly challenge for kills or chests is. Use this solely as experience in gun battles and learning where the easy loot is available to grab early.
From then on it’s really personal preference, happy eeking out wins with 2-4 kills? Drop low population areas, play smart and you will make top 10 a huge % of the time, problem being you may well be outmatched in weapons by this point. Want those double digit wins? LETS GET TILTEEEEEDDDDD.

How We Gunna Drop?

Once you have chosen your location, you need to plan your route in effectively so that you can drop in ahead of the enemies, once you hit a certain distance from the ground your umbrella or glider will open – make sure you aim for the lowest possible terrain around your desired location.

Example – Tilted Towers, if possible you want to approach this from over loot lake, this is much lower than the surrounding area and you will fall further before having to glide. This will change dependent on the direction of the bus, but over time you will learn the best drop routes to your favourite destinations.

More coming soon…….