Season 10 (X) – Week 1 Battle Pass

Season 10 (X) – Cheat Sheet – Week 1

Road Trip

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At long last Season 10 or Season X, whichever your prefer is upon us! Check out the awesome cheatsheet below and make sure you are grinding those rewards!

Battle Pass
Week 1

  • Visit Durr Burger Head, A Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue
  • Deal Damage to opponents whilst driving a vehicle
  • Destroy 10 stop signs with a catalyst outfit
  • Ride a zip line in 3 different matches
  • Visit both lazy lagoon and Lucky Landing in the same match
  • Search Chests in different locations
  • Get Trick points in a vehicle

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Pistols Only!
SMGs Only!
Sniper Only!
Assault Rifle Only!
Shotguns Only!
Explosives Only!
How about adding a little challenge?

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Enjoy and Have Fun