Tips & Tricks – Setup

So you’re new to Fortnite Battle Royale and sick of dying straight away?  Still looking for the tutorial? Following other people to Tilted Towers?

Here’s some tips & tricks to change in the ‘settings’ to help you improve, survive longer, get more kills and eventually get that all important VICTORY ROYALE!!
As a console player, I won’t offer much advice on Keyboard/Mouse settings – there is tons of information available via youtube for those setups but take a look below for some great tips that would have helped me out a ton when I first jumped on to Fortnite!!

Select your controller settings / Keyboard & Mouse settings

  • Set-up – Take a look at the various controller set-ups, the majority of people will be on either ‘Standard’ or ‘Combat Pro’. Having used both I would suggest switching straight to combat pro, if you are already familiar with ‘Standard’ switch it up for a couple of nights and give it a chance, personally found it help improve both combat and building!
  • Sensitivity – This is all personal preference & depends on your experience with shooter games, i’d recommend having the X sensitivity at at least 6 or 7, being able to spin 360 quickly while setting up a base is invaluable.


  • This option was only added on console fairly recently, make sure you turn it on. When you engage in a fight, especially if you are not sure where from, swap to build hold down build and spin 360. You will now be covered all round, depending on situation you can build up and return fire, or whack a roof on and heal in safety, or at least for the time being!

Reset Building Choice

  • Again this one is personal preference, I would recommend ON. This means every time you switch to build you will start on the ‘Wall’ option, leave it OFF and it will be whatever piece you built last. Nothing will annoy you more than switching to build, trying to build a quick base to protect yourself, only to lay down a load of floor pieces! If you do opt for OFF make sure you have a default piece you leave it on, either wall or stairs.

More Coming Soon…. along with gameplay tips!